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    Our tool is solely browser-based and you won't need to download anything to use it. It's also very lightweight, will run on any computer and have almost no dependencies.

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    As expected, EA repeatedly attempts to patch our method of getting free FIFA coins. This is why we have a professional team working 24/7 to ensure that the tool is working as it should.

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    As you might have guessed from the name, free FIFA coins, our tool is completely free to use for anyone. We do not require any sort of payment for access to our tool. All we can ask for is your visit!

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    We do not need your password in order to get your free FIFA coins. All the tool needs is to know which club the coins should be sent to, which information it gets from the clubname/Origin username.

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    The algorithm that our tool uses in order to supply clubs with free FIFA coins is very effective and the coins can be sent in a matter of seconds. Of course, this varies on the amount of server-load at a time.

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    Our tool is ridiculously easy to use and it's incredibly straight forward to get your free FIFA coins. If you have all information in hand, it shouldn't take more than a minute to recieve your coins.


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    Have you ever searched for a FIFA coin generator? I'm sure you have, or at least something similar that would get you free FIFA coins. Sadly, most of the online generators and similar sites are scams. They catch your account details and uses your information for illegal things that could get you in big trouble. Although this isn't a scam, we want you to feel safe. If you feel unsure about giving us your Ultimate Team club name, then don't. Our generator is used hundreds of times every day and we haven't had any problems this far; no bans, no accounts getting compromised, nothing. Below is one person who left us a screenshot of his account after he had used our FIFA coin generator.

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    Now, our free FIFA coins tool isn't one of the 31st century. It does need to know which account it should credit the coins to. Every single club has an unique ID connected to it, and EA uses this ID to handle all requests. The IDs aren't accessable by anyone and only the EA staff should know how to access them, but we have found a way to do it. It requires incredibly advanced logaritms which our jQuery-coded generator handles really well. Now, the accessing of club-IDs isn't the only exploit we have found in order to get you free FIFA coins, we have also found a way to fake requests through the EA servers. As stated earlier, EA uses IDs to handle requests, and therefore we are able to credit coins to any account. All this is very generally written. There are many other different things that's needed to be done in order to make our free FIFA coins tool work as well as it should.

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    Does this mean our free FIFA coins tool doesn't need your password? Yes, it doesn't need your password to function as it uses the IDs and have no use of passwords. Having your password would make the process easier and go faster, but what we care about the most is that you can use our tool confidently. This also means that we don't need your security answer, e-mail login details or any other sensitive information. You can feel a hundred percent safe with our free FIFA coins tool.

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    That is a very good question actually, because it can be really hard to judge from a user's point of view. First of all, as stated above, the list of working generators can exclude the insanely huge amount that are fake and are only interested in ripping you off. It can also exclude the ones that are outdated and doesn't work for other reasons.
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